Responsibility and choice and signing non-disclosure and silencing

When we parent ourselves we stop looking outside ourselves for a hero - and we stop blaming others for our problems.

The New Normal - How will you create YOU-topia

Whatever you believe is happening, whatever the threat, your life is different NOW, and will never be the same - so time to make something BETTER.

Many Small Choicepoints Not a Big Bang

The slow and evolving awakening of humanity

Boundaries and integrity

How Health is affected by not understanding a sense of self and the illusion of separation - boundaries are not separation

The real purpose of guilt and shame

Safe guilt and shame and the most important component - redemption

The Disease Paradox

The problem with disease is that we think disease is the problem! If you are ignoring or masking your physical, mental or emotional symptoms you are creating and perpetuating disease. Your body is a system of ensued frequencies of information and adapts to something that is discordant. In terms of vibrational systems, we adapt to that which interferes with the smooth and normal function of the system. If something does not resonate with us, it can pass right through us, we don’t even notice, it does not affect the field integrity. If it is discordant - a threat to survival, a challenge to our values, a demand on our resources, it will interfere with the system. This is normal, we are designed to have new and challenging experiences. But if your narrative, the story you are telling yourself and the ‘truth’ you are holding doesn’t allow you to bring your attention to, accept and appreciate the discordance and update the meaning you have to it, you will continue to adapt and try to stabilise to it. We begin with an adaptation, and if something does not change, we become maladaptive, and then we can continue to be destabilised in the destructive field interference and get more and more sick - or we can bring our attention to the real problem and begin the real healing process.

Conscious Health and Healing

The missing component to every day healing

Conscious Health Coach Professional Training

Sam Thorpe Explains the new Training Programme in BioInsight Root-Cause-Analysis for Professional Coaches and Therapists

7 Steps to Conscious Health Welcome

Webinar Registration Welcome Video

Heart Focused Stress Management Training in Thailand

Reflecting on the training of workers in Thailand

Are You Ready To Give Your Gift To The World? - Energist Article

Have you taken the training, done the study, practised the techniques and now want to launch your career in EFT, EMO, Matrix or other Energy Therapies?

Do you wonder how the big names make it and get the platform to share their passion?

Read on for the full article...

The ABC of De-stressing in the Moment

What do you do when you are upset in the moment? Here's a simple and powerful tool to quickly shift your response. Why not practice using this tool for a week and see how you feel? I would love to hear how you get on. This is the first video in a series of 'Wisdom from the Wheelhouse'. If you have any questions or would like more information go to or email

Sam Thorpe - The Science Of The Heart

Testimonial For AMT EFT Master Practitioner Course with Sam Thorpe

AMT EFT Master Practitioner Course Testimonial from Tansy Rock. Come and see our training schedule over at

The Energist - Vol 2014.1.2 - Conference Special

Autumn 2014 edition of The Energist magazine.

EMO: Show Me You

GoE Trainer Sam Thorpe writes: 

One of the most profound experiences for which I am grateful to Silvia is the beautiful and loving exercise of shaking someone's hand and giving them full attention whilst you say; "I don't know you. I would like to know you. Show me you."

Modern Energy Trainer

BIG +10 congratulations to Sam Thorpe for completing Modern Energy Trainer with GoE trainer Sandra Hillawi!

The meaning of your back and neck pain. META-Health diagnosis with Intoalignment's Sam Thorpe

What is the real cause of your back pain? Discover the neurological explanation of what may be causing your back pain with international META-Health trainer Sam Thorpe.

Meta Message

The new and much awaited book 'META-Messages From Your Body' is now available for purchase!

META Health Introductory Training

Discover the META Messages from your body here. Health Introductory Training is the starting point for your adventure into META Health- to learn more, join us here.

META Health Training Diagnosis of Ankle Pain

Discover the META Messages from your body here. In this video, Sam Thorpe shows how you can diagnose the root cause of musculo-skeletal pain within the body and what it really means.

META Health Training - The 2 phases of disease

Discover the META Messages from your body here. In this video, Sam Thorpe explains the 2 phases of disease and what the underlying messages of these Meta programs are.

META-Medicine 2012

The wonderful META-Health International Community share and bond at the Copenhagen conference