Sam Thorpe



Conscious Health Consultant and Master Trainer

I help people to understand why they are stuck and experiencing specific physical, mental or emotional symptoms.

I work closely with individual clients or with groups to lead them into a personal awakening about their state of health. Through careful examination of the body adaptation to stress and past events, we can analyse current biological and behavioural responses so that we can pin-point the specific causes. Using the process of Conscious Health Practice™ each individual can gain a powerful understanding of the intelligence of their body. Then, working with stress and trauma release and integration tools ‘Heart Alignment Process™ we can process and update old programmes and support the body back to health.

My work extends from training hundreds or workers in places like Thailand and Indonesia in stress and emotional self-regulation tools, to working in Bosnia with sufferers of severe PTSD and trauma, to providing 4 day personal breakthrough workshops, online webinars and training and to working with individuals in highly focused 1:1 discovery and breakthrough sessions.